crossfire technologies:

Moore’s Law Extended.

Moore’s Law (the doubling of transistor density on a chip every 18 months) has driven the semiconductor industry for decades, but the era of scaling geometries down is coming to an end due to physics and economics.

CrossFire solves the interconnection, integration, density, and manufacturing challenges required to enable design engineers to go beyond scaling chip features, and scale system functionality.  CrossFire’s first product offering based on its core technologies is the Xilinx MPSoC-based microscale SoM (System-on-Module) platform.

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Delivering Small Solutions to Big Semiconductor Design Challenges

CrossFire’s technology platform enables design engineers to develop complex microelectronic systems that integrate multiple semiconductor die (SoCs, FPGAs, DRAM/Flash memories, and power or passive devices) into a single electronic component with higher density, lower development costs, and faster time to market than conventional semiconductor technology.

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