Delivering Small Solutions to Big Semiconductor Design Challenges

Crossfire’s technology platform enables design engineers to develop complex microelectronic systems that integrate multiple semiconductor die (SoCs, FPGAs, DRAM/Flash memories, and power or passive devices) into a single electronic component with higher density, lower development costs, and faster time to market than conventional semiconductor technology.

Faster Time to Market Means Faster Time to Revenue

Using Crossfire’s patented design platform, design cycles for prototypes and production occur in weeks instead of months, enabling the acceleration of software development without manufacturing bottlenecks.

Lower Development Costs Deliver Higher Profit Margins

Crossfire’s integration technology enables the use of existing IP blocks to develop a complex microscale SOM at a fraction of the cost of conventional SoC development.

Higher Integration Lowers Component Count & Interconnect Power Consumption

With Crossfire’s advanced integration and interconnect design technology, overall system size reduction of 10x is possible, with a corresponding reduction in interconnect power consumption. Lower component count means a streamlined supply chain and simpler designs.